Easy custom canvas art

We’ve always rented. Be it a flat or house, but it we have always been tenants, never owners. So I neer before drilled holes in walls to hang artwork or plates or other knickknacks. I tried to use whatever nails or screws were already in the walls let by previous tenants etc. Until November 2010. We found a property, drew up some plans and built a house. Now I get to drill holes. Now I also get to buy paintings or prints that I like with the aim to hang them where I would like them to be.

So we come to a blank wall in our en suite bathroom. The theme I aimed for is rustic afro french (is that even a style?). But some days it looks like the lost and found bin at water world with all the toys around the bath. Needless, I still have an idea of neutral colours with some filigree and a bit of a Victorian feel.

After visiting a friend who had transformed her old store-bought canvas art into stylish custom wall art, I decided to give it a go, al la Tracy.

Here’s what I used:

You will need

  • 3 x  A4 plain canvasses @ R30 from Le Mar craft shop.
  • Iron on transfers – I got mine from Waltons @ R130-ish for 10 A4 sheets
  • staple gun
  • Calico fabric
  • And some source pics. I bought my mermaids from Narry on etsy

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Monthly Free Printable: Calendar Bookmark 2012 – June

June 2012

June 2012

I had these up for sale on etsy, but decided to rather share them for free. I’ve given them as Christmas gifts and they seem to be a hit!

I wanted to make bookmarks with  real African. flair, drawing inspiration from townships, villages, metropole, landscapes; places I’ve lived at, people I’ve met. And not a leopard pattern or safari theme in sight. So each month is different, some designs might reflect that month’s international or local theme: like Valentine’s Day or Women’s month.

June is full on winter for us in the Southern hemisphere. These colours reminded me of Freestate winters: the endless wahsed out blue sky, white frost, grey gloomy moods, and splash of yellow to lift spirits.

Every end of the month I’ll upload the following month’s bookmark calendar.

Click on the image for the full version, save and print.

Click here for previous months.