Mosaic garter stitch for KAS

Mosaic garter stitch for KAS by TracyMaybe
I finished another square for KAS. This is mosaic garter stitch. Think I’ll try mosaic stitch some more; while researching it I found some super designs! Very Greek urn looking. Or even a labyrinth.
I made a few mistakes with this square, but by the time I figured it out I already completed the row or was close to completing it. Mostly it’s knitting two consecutive stitches in stead of slipping one, and then there’s the obvious plain garter ridge close to the top of the square. It’s the idea that counts though, right?
I think I’ll crochet the next few squares.

I saw a 15 min tutorial and just had to try making a chunky beanie for Roo

Like the title says: I searched for an easy baby beanie tutorial (I was actually looking for booties tutorial, but somehow my hind brain decided beanies were easier to start with). So I came across this little gem:

I had some beautiful yarn from my impulse buys after I borrowed a great crochet book. I used Elle Premier Natural Cotton 4ply in Rose and Lilac together to make it chunky, with a 9mm hook and just followed instructions. Roo was napping so I couldn’t measure properly. When she woke I saw that it needed a few more rounds. And even though it was a bit tight, it has stretched some and fits alright now; with room for improvement. All I added to the original pattern is a round of half-DC and a round or SC in Rose with 4.5mm hook. (That’s probably the US lingo, so for UK it’ll be a round of DC and a rounf or SC – I’m still trying to figure out the geographical differences of a double crochet. Directly translated from Afrikaans we simply say Long Leg, Langbeentjie.)

Roo's Beanie

Roo’s Beanie

The little flower is left over from Lili’s market day at school. Roo and I were just released from hospital when I decided to make these little brooches for school. Easy peasy 5 petal flower from another YouTube tutorial I vaguely remembered, a covered button, and a safety-pin. I was sewing the safety pins on the morning of the market day AT her actual school. There were a few left over (sweets and goodies sell WAY better than any accessory), so I pin them to cardi’s or handbags or baby hats 😉

Did I mention that Roo, like her big sister, doesn’t have any hair? I think she needs a few more beanies.