New toys for getting crafty

Whew what a week. I felt like a real jetsetter. Managed to get jet lag without crossing time zones. Took me all weekend to recuperate.


In better news, I got an awesome birthday prezzie. Handy Hubby got me a Cuttlebug. Yes, I chose it, I sourced it, and I bought it, Gave him the receipt so he could pay for it. He just had to wrap it. (And even THAT he only did this past Monday) Yes, those are my monkeys on the dining table helping me unwrap.

Regardless! Lili and I have been playing around with it all week.


I am a novice when it comes to embossing and die cutting machines. I’ve watched so many tutorials on Youtube, Google might finally profile me as female ( last time I checked, Google analytics thought I was male).

I seriously need a storage system for my dies and embossing folders. I only have a handful so far and they’ve already taken over my dining table.

nesting dies

The nesting frame that can cut and emboss is so far my favourite and most versatile buy. Using a frame 2 sizes shy of the largest and pairing it with a template I made from THIS freebie printable, I made some cute packaging for my earrings: all tied neatly with some baker’s twine. The cardstock is all recycled from previous projects that I never got round to finishing. I had bought some printables on etsy and was planning on making paper bunting for the girls’ room; only strung some up for the kitchen. I’m very glad that I have a proper use for the other print outs now.

new goodies  Mock up for packaging Packaging


OOTD: Post Heritge Day

I’ve had this dress in my cupboard a few weeks already. But it’s been so cold still that I couldn’t wear it. Today felt like a Dress day 🙂


Denim dress with neck detail – Mr Price

Skinny belt – Ackermans

Black/white polka dot flats – Jet

Black tights – Mr Price

Plum cardigan – Mr Price

Watch – Fossil

Earrings – Tracy’s Homemade

I buy a lot of my clothes from chain stores; especially if it’s a trendy item.  Then I won’t feel too bad for only wearing it one season. My cupboard classics though I don’t mind spending money on if it’s a quality garment that will see me through a few seasons. Not all stores stock my size though. So I’ve learned to make due with what’s available.


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Happy Birthday, Tracy!


It’s my birthday today, Hurrah!

And right now {hopefully} we just landed at OR Tambo International Airport {Jan Smuts for those my age 😉 }. I have to attend a meeting there/here. Definitely didn’t expect to spend my 33rd birthday in a day-long meeting at HQ. At least we get free drinks in-flight, right? Right.

12 year old Tracy wouldn’t believe how awesome her life turned out. Her own little family to play house with, Hubby and 2 lovely terrors princesses, carreer, surrounded by loving friends and family. Just no hover boards or flying cars…yet.

Hope you have yourselves a lovely Wednesday!

Pick a Pin Tuesday : Oreo Caramel cupcakes! : Also a Recipe

I love Oreos. I really do. I hide in the pantry to munch them so I don’t have to share. My kids don’t know what they taste like, cause they are MINE. I even make milkshakes with them. Then I saw this pin.

Oreo caramel cupcakes

Oreo caramel cupcakes

It didn’t have a recipe linked, but you can sort of figure it out yourself. I’ll share how I made it. :J

You will Need:

Sasko Chocolate Bake Muffin MixNestle Caramel Treat Oreo Original Cookies

  • 1 packet Sasko Chocolate Bake Muffin Mix. The mix calls for:
    • 2 eggs,
    • 200ml milk,
    • 200ml oil}
  • 1 small tin of Caramel Treat
  • 2 x boxes of original Oreo cookies
  • 2 x 12 hole Muffin tins {I used the large muffin ones. Not Giant like M&B, but big}
  • Cupcake liner papers


Heat Oven to 180ºC. Place cupcake wrappers in baking tin. Prepare muffin mix as per packet instructions. Spread caramel treat over an oreo cookie {Don’t eat it }. Place another cookie on top making a sandwich. Spread some more caramel on the top cookie. And place in a wrapper in the prepared tin. {You get 16 muffins using 2 packs of oreo cookies; and you will have some choc muffin mix left over for a few plain muffins} Once all the cookies are used, carefully spoon choc muffin mix over the caramel-cookie sandwich. Don’t fill too much, as long as the top is covered. The batter will gradually run down around the cookies enveloping them in chocolate goodness.

Bake at 180ºC for 20-25 mins or until a cake tester comes out clean and the top is springy.  Cool on wire rack and enjoy!

Here’s the only pic I took of mine. It was a hectic Friday at work, finally sat down for a cuppa and a muffin.

Oreo caramel cupcake

I found a pin for oreo cream cheese icing that your can pipe onto the muffin {turning it into a cupcake}.


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What do you use for a teething baby bottom?

We’ve been teething this past week. Molars.  {shudders} It’s tough being a baby. Definitely not for sissies. Roo (now 16 months) doesn’t drool as much, but poor nunu suffered quite a bit from a burning bottom this time. Everyone has their tried and tested remedies for dealing with the inevitable teething bum. I thought I’d share my approach.

Sunlight. Naked baby in a shady spot in the garden works wonders on a tender bottom. But we’re still in season transition. It’s rainy and cold. There has to be another option.

This is my arsenal…

Call me a moon kissing, flower sniffing hippie, but amber teething necklaces REALLY work. Roo has one. We never take it off. I think her teething would have been a lot worse (more like her big sister’s episodes) if she wasn’t wearing it. With Lili I was too skeptical to try. {So we learn, right? Right.} I occasionally wear my baby pearls teething necklace {Lime green one}. It looks fab and baby can chew on it safely. Rooibos tea is another miracle product. I do everything with it EXCEPT drink it. {I’m really not a fan of tea} – but that’s a post for another day.

Okie, but with these molars, I had to step my approach up a notch.

Baby bum arsenal

From left to right : First off, if the skin isn’t broken yet, I liberally apply Brandsalf. A friend of ours patented this recipe and it has become a punchline in our house. If anything hurts, itches, burns -use Brandsalf!

To help sooth irritated skin I use Annique’s Rooibos Pamperlang. Then a lekker layer of Sudocrem. And lastly I dust some Fullers Earth Powder on the nappy area; This will help keep that bum drier.

And the manky looking wipes in the baggie, you ask? I make my own Rooibos wipes when there’s a sore bum in the house. {This helps for heat rash too all you cyclists!} I make 2 strong cups of Rooibos tea. One cup I empty into the bathwater, the other I use to make wipes. I use any cheapo wipes when making these – rinse out most of the soap, then dip in cooled Rooibos tea. Squeeze out excess {but leave a little in so it’s damp, you know, like a wet wipe} Place in a baggie and keep close for nappy changes. I ship my baggie off to daycare as well. There’s nothing worse for a sore bum than baby wipes. Even those sensitive ones. If you have to use wipes, make them Rooibos.

Some people swear by egg white – I honestly haven’t tried it. {Do you have to whisk it until stiff peaks? or use it runny? idk} There are so many baby bum creams on the market; some pharmacies even mix their own concoctions. It’s just a process of finding what works for your nunu’s bottom {and mommy’s pocket}. This is what works for us.


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OOTD : Basic jeans, White sweater

The first in hopefully a regular set of posts! My Outfit of the Day. These will probably be bad lighted bad quality pics – apologize in advance! But this is how one learns, right? Right.

Outfit of the Day

White sweater with embellishments – Mr Price

Shoes – Mr Price {on sale}

Earrings – looks like diamond, variety pack Mr Price

Scarf – Gift from mom, bought in Turkey

Blue Jeans with topstitching – Jet

Silver cuff – Gift from mom


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