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I now have two kids: a almost-four-year-old and a premature New-born. (That should be enough reason for my hiatus 😉 ) I used to be pregnant. Baby made her appearance on 11 May 2012. Before that I was in hospital for a few days.  Before that I was failing miserably at juggling work, home and my ever increasing blood pressure… which lead to my hospitalisation with PET. Back to baby: she was born 6 weeks premature (I prefer 4 weeks since 38 weeks in considered full term but that’s another kettle of fish). Than goodness she didn’t need to go to NICU. She was in a regular incubator in the regular nursery for two days, then a day under UV lights. Rest of time we kangaroo’d and chillaxed in a hospital bed watching WAY too much TV.

She was discharged after 8 days. She’s ok now, just small and we’re working real hard to get her to steadily gain weight.

I know this blog has been crafty oriented and recently just spewing out free printable bookmarks. Hopefully this will change. I really want it to change. I miss using a blog as a diary and soundboard.

So I’m hoping to slowly ease back into blogging/diary writing. It’s therapeutic and sometimes the interwebs multiverse throws you a surprise with some gem comments and opinions.


Monthly Free Printable: Calendar Bookmark 2012 – May

May 2012

May 2012

I had these up for sale on etsy, but decided to rather share them for free. I’ve given them as Christmas gifts and they seem to be a hit!

I wanted to make bookmarks with  real African flair; drawing inspiration from townships, villages, metropole, landscapes, places I’ve lived at, people I’ve met. And not a leopard pattern or safari theme in sight. So each month is different, some designs might reflect that month’s international or local theme: like Valentine’s Day or Women’s month.

For May I used Kokerboom (Quiver tree) silhouettes. It’s not really a tree, but a very big aloe. I wanted to have a sunset background but still keep it tongue-in-cheek; hence the paint sunset stripes 😉

Every end of the month I’ll upload the following month’s bookmark calendar.

Click on the image for the full version, save and print.

Click here for previous months.

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