Tracy decides to get fit and healthy


It was inevitable. Sooner or later all the bad stuff I had done to my body would catch up… And it had.
My blood pressure is at its highest. My hormones are so wonky that my cycle has gone completely haywire. Add to this disaster cupcake some sprinkles of Insulin Resistance, and I’m well on my way of not seeing the other side of 50.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. This is my year to Grow – that One Little Word. It was time I took action. I started with meds. Controlling all my health issues to an acceptable functioning level; then to make some serious life changes and tackle the REAL reason that my body is sabotaging my life. Plain old fat. Loads and loads of wobbly body fat, not quite evenly distributed over this short frame.

I phoned up our local gym – shock horror, our town actually HAS one. I made an appointment for a body assessment and someone to help me work out a plan to… You know… Work out.

I was scared shitless. I had only ever been to a gym ONCE before, and it was horrible. But Tégan is really nice. She might not understand my anxiety, but she doesn’t dismiss it either. She acknowledges it and becomes my focal point. She pinched and measured and  calculated,and turns out I’m a lot fatter than all the positive body images on pinterest say I am. BMI is 36%.That puts me in the obese class II slot; I.e. severely obese.

So I donned my oldest T-shirt, old tekkies, black tights and went for my first official gymming session. I sweated and heaved and giggled and raised my eyebrows at the ridiculousness of the equipment in the circuit. I didn’t think the very few repetitions I did would make a difference… It must’ve worked cause I definitely felt it the next day.

Something I never thought I would ever say, like EVER: I like exercising. I like going to the gym. I might not be very good at it, but at last I’m there. I might not speed spin or jog but I work up a sweat in my own way. I went as far as buying proper gym attire from Total Sports. My eldest says I look like a power ranger. That’s my ultimate goal 😉 

I told Tégan that her eating plan has an error on it – there isn’t any chocolate. She agreed that I’m allowed 1 block of dark choc a day- I might just come to like this Lil gym Nazi. I kid. She’s really nice.

But I wouldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and family. Cliché, but oh so true. Supachik planted the spark for me to get my butt in gear. My work colleagues support and encourage me. And the most important: my husband. He supports this decision 110%. The only time for me to work out is in the evenings after work. So he fetches the kids, feeds them, bathes them. He hasn’t complained once. He just smiles and says that he’s proud of me. Without him,I wouldn’t be so determined to see this through. It’s going to be a long journey. It took YEARS to reach to size I am now; it will take years of hard work to right the wrongs.

So that’s what I’ve been busy with this past 2 weeks. I get some crafting done in between, but for now my main focus is getting this bod in to better condition. I’ll keep you posted.