My easy DIY storage for craft papers

All those craft rooms on Pinterest make me realise that I seriously need to start organizing my junk. I can call it Junk, cause it’s mine, you get to call it stuff, or crafting paraphernalia.

First off I needed to sort out my paper stash. They were all over the place: in paper bags, plastic packaging bags, in the book shelf, on the stack of drawers. Everywhere. So I saw this beauty on scrap-a-doodles.

It’s so pretty. All clear and neat…and expensive! at R695 for 10 trays, that’s almost R70 a tray. I’m saving up for a melting pot – there’s no way I’m forking out that much cash for a plastic tower to HOLD PAPER. There has to be an alternative.

Say helloo to the Large Pizza Box. 12 x 12 inch paper fits inside perfectly. I got a pack of 20 boxes from a local packaging company – Some assembly needed. Not sure of exact price, because I got a pack of 50 plastic sleeves with adhesive for my cards as well. All and all  for R100.

2014-03-30 10.47.42


It might not be clear, but at least it is neater.


Stamps – Mini Haul!

Sometimes I feel that I’ve just got waaaay too many hobbies. And then sometimes not enough.

I’ve really gotten into card making lately – I’ll share a few of my cards in a later post. First I *HAVE* to share my latest stamping haul! The reason why it’s so awesome? It’s cause it’s stamps by Paper Smooches. I’ve been marathon’ing through a crap load of card tutorials and mixed medium tutorials and stamping in all its shapes and forms tutorials; so a few trade names have stuck in my noggin. Then I got a newsletter from Scrap-a-Doodles that they have Paper Smooches cling stamps in stock. I squeeed like a fangirl!

PS Haul


From left to right, I got: Sentiment sampler,  alphadot, and cyber café .

Some of the stamps look a bit bold; blame my ink. Silly Tracy tested the stamps with Archival ink instead of pigment or dye or whatever – anything else except archival! Point is now some of my stamps look bolder even though they are thoroughly babywiped/clean.

I’m stoked for the alphadot set. My handwriting is atrocious. Also finding Afrikaans sentiments in a font I like is a herculean task. Of course I had to get the coffee themes stamp. There’s even a mini macaroon (bonus!!) and a plate to stack them on. Can you see the pastel shaded cookies already. And of course there’s a coffee stain. The sentiments stamp set was practically a no-brainer. I needed some sentiments, and this set just about covers everything.

Can’t wait to start making some cards with these!