I saw a 15 min tutorial and just had to try making a chunky beanie for Roo

Like the title says: I searched for an easy baby beanie tutorial (I was actually looking for booties tutorial, but somehow my hind brain decided beanies were easier to start with). So I came across this little gem:

I had some beautiful yarn from my impulse buys after I borrowed a great crochet book. I used Elle Premier Natural Cotton 4ply in Rose and Lilac together to make it chunky, with a 9mm hook and just followed instructions. Roo was napping so I couldn’t measure properly. When she woke I saw that it needed a few more rounds. And even though it was a bit tight, it has stretched some and fits alright now; with room for improvement. All I added to the original pattern is a round of half-DC and a round or SC in Rose with 4.5mm hook. (That’s probably the US lingo, so for UK it’ll be a round of DC and a rounf or SC – I’m still trying to figure out the geographical differences of a double crochet. Directly translated from Afrikaans we simply say Long Leg, Langbeentjie.)

Roo's Beanie

Roo’s Beanie

The little flower is left over from Lili’s market day at school. Roo and I were just released from hospital when I decided to make these little brooches for school. Easy peasy 5 petal flower from another YouTube tutorial I vaguely remembered, a covered button, and a safety-pin. I was sewing the safety pins on the morning of the market day AT her actual school. There were a few left over (sweets and goodies sell WAY better than any accessory), so I pin them to cardi’s or handbags or baby hats 😉

Did I mention that Roo, like her big sister, doesn’t have any hair? I think she needs a few more beanies.


I’m Hooked!

My mom taught me how to knit when I was 7. I’ve been knitting on and off ever since. Outfits for my Barbies, the odd scarf, at least one whole sweater, monogram for my room door; never anything too serious. Once or twice I picked up one of Mom’s crochet hooks, but my fingers were so stiff and my hands would cramp up after a few rows – I couldn’t figure out how to do rounds yet 😉

A few years ago a colleague and I started subscribing to The Art of Knitting. We had visions of bright shaker style throws on our beds. She managed to finish hers, mine only has about 36 squares done. I won’t elaborate too much since this post is about crochet. But one of the patterns in this set was for a knitted beanie with a crochet flower. I simply had to try to make the flower. I ended up with 6 petals instead of 5 – I just couldn’t see the stitches as I do in knitting. But I kept the hook I especially bought for the flower. Few months later I tried a simpler crochet flower pattern, and it came out alright. I started making more flowers, turning them into brooches that I sold with my beading items at the local seller’s market. I was starting to get hooked.

Hekel vir die Lekker

Hekel vir die Lekker

Eventually I took out a crochet pattern book at the library, Hekel vir die lekker, got some more hooks and yarn, and next thing I was making doilies, failed horribly at making a bootie, but I wanted to try everything in the book! Since I couldn’t keep on re-borrowing the book, I ordered my own copy as well as the sequel. (Do craft books have sequels?) Ever the geek of course I found Ravelry. I’ve stashed my meagre inventory online and browsed some patterns, added a few projects – I might have found a new obsession.

I haven’t gotten back into beading yet, never been much of a scrapbooker, stamping had it’s 15 minutes. So you probably won’t have much hope for this new hobby. Well I do, at least for a few weeks 😉


Monthly Free Printable: Calendar Bookmark 2012 – August

August 2012

August 2012

I had these up for sale on etsy, but decided to rather share them for free. I’ve given them as Christmas gifts and they seem to be a hit!

I wanted to make bookmarks with  real African. flair, drawing inspiration from townships, villages, metropole, landscapes; places I’ve lived at, people I’ve met. And not a leopard pattern or safari theme in sight. So each month is different, some designs might reflect that month’s international or local theme: like Valentine’s Day or Women’s month.

In South Africa we celebrate National Women’s Day on 9 August. So it was only fitting that I use a woman’s face.

Every end of the month I’ll upload the following month’s bookmark calendar.

Click on the image for the full version, save and print.

Click here for previous months.