Pick a Pin Tuesday : Play Makeup for Kids!

I pinned this one AGES ago.

Fauz Makeup for Kiddos

Fauz Makeup for Kiddos

Glad I did too. I had this idea in the back of my mind for a few months/years. (Garsh, definitely years). But I’m not a ‘makeup kind of gal. So I didn’t know how long it will actually take for me to use up a pallet of eye shadow. Thank goodness I’m a sucker for sales. I got some pallets on a whim… and normally the colours would suit me. But applied? It looked horrible. Think clown the morning after going cowboy. So I stashed it in my “maybe I’ll use it in the future” bag cause I’m a secret hoarder and can’t bring myself to throw anything away. Just in case I MIGHT need it. For something I saw on Pinterest. A few years ago.

Faux  makeup 1

Also Roo got hold of the pallet and gauged her itty bitty fingers through the powder cake thingies. Faux  makeup 2

Being the brawn half of The Demolition Sisters Duo, she managed to find the hidden compartment underneath the shadows. I’ve had this pallet for …what 4 years? And I always moaned about (except for the colours which look awesome in the box but sucked once applied) it’s lack of applicator. Behold le Secret compartment!

Faux  makeup 3

It even has a little mirror. Never the less, I was committed to upcycling this thing and by Prince George I was going to. So I followed the idiot proof instructions and dug out all the lovely pigment. Then poured in some nail varnish that is older than the eye-shadow that had started to thicken. (I prefer the term frugal to cheapskate)

Faux  makeup 4Faux  makeup 5

I wish these were real eye shadows. The kids love them too!

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Pick a Pin Tuesday : Baby tab blanket

The first image has very thorough tutorial, and  the second one I pinned for the cute pic! This is how I wanted Roo’s tab blanky to look like.

Ribbon Tab Blanket

Original Pin : Ribbon Tab Blanket

Tab blanky on Etsy.com

Tab blanky on Etsy.com

I found the cutest flannel fabric at Naald-in-`n-Hooimied (our local haberdashery). The smiley flowers were just so goofy! I had some mulberry stretchy fabric left over from making my maternity tummy tubes – I still have to post about that (although it was almost a total waste of fabric buy cause I only made 1 tummy tube. The fabric kept on slipping under my sewing machine foot). And I’ve always collected pretty ribbons; I can’t help buying 3m-4m at a time.

I didn’t take any pics while making it – in hindsight I should have. Because I had pinned the ribbons wrong, and as I was about to turn the stitched fabric inside out… I realised the tabs won’t show on the outside. So I had to undo all my sewing, repin the ribbons and sew it all again. [I need to find out if my machine can take double needles cause I love top stitching! But parallel lines are my Achilles heel]

Roo's tab blanket!

Roo’s tab blanket!

(I have a weakness for polka dot ribbon)

Roo likes her tab blanky

Roo getting the feel of her tab blanky

Of course she doesn’t love the blanky  NEARLY as much as I do… or her sister does. I had to make 3 more – two as baby shower gifts and one for big sister Lili.

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Turning kids art into a key holder

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