Pick a Pin Tuesday : Play Makeup for Kids!

I pinned this one AGES ago.

Fauz Makeup for Kiddos

Fauz Makeup for Kiddos

Glad I did too. I had this idea in the back of my mind for a few months/years. (Garsh, definitely years). But I’m not a ‘makeup kind of gal. So I didn’t know how long it will actually take for me to use up a pallet of eye shadow. Thank goodness I’m a sucker for sales. I got some pallets on a whim… and normally the colours would suit me. But applied? It looked horrible. Think clown the morning after going cowboy. So I stashed it in my “maybe I’ll use it in the future” bag cause I’m a secret hoarder and can’t bring myself to throw anything away. Just in case I MIGHT need it. For something I saw on Pinterest. A few years ago.

Faux  makeup 1

Also Roo got hold of the pallet and gauged her itty bitty fingers through the powder cake thingies. Faux  makeup 2

Being the brawn half of The Demolition Sisters Duo, she managed to find the hidden compartment underneath the shadows. I’ve had this pallet for …what 4 years? And I always moaned about (except for the colours which look awesome in the box but sucked once applied) it’s lack of applicator. Behold le Secret compartment!

Faux  makeup 3

It even has a little mirror. Never the less, I was committed to upcycling this thing and by Prince George I was going to. So I followed the idiot proof instructions and dug out all the lovely pigment. Then poured in some nail varnish that is older than the eye-shadow that had started to thicken. (I prefer the term frugal to cheapskate)

Faux  makeup 4Faux  makeup 5

I wish these were real eye shadows. The kids love them too!

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Pick a Pin Tuesday : Oreo Caramel cupcakes! : Also a Recipe

I love Oreos. I really do. I hide in the pantry to munch them so I don’t have to share. My kids don’t know what they taste like, cause they are MINE. I even make milkshakes with them. Then I saw this pin.

Oreo caramel cupcakes

Oreo caramel cupcakes

It didn’t have a recipe linked, but you can sort of figure it out yourself. I’ll share how I made it. :J

You will Need:

Sasko Chocolate Bake Muffin MixNestle Caramel Treat Oreo Original Cookies

  • 1 packet Sasko Chocolate Bake Muffin Mix. The mix calls for:
    • 2 eggs,
    • 200ml milk,
    • 200ml oil}
  • 1 small tin of Caramel Treat
  • 2 x boxes of original Oreo cookies
  • 2 x 12 hole Muffin tins {I used the large muffin ones. Not Giant like M&B, but big}
  • Cupcake liner papers


Heat Oven to 180ºC. Place cupcake wrappers in baking tin. Prepare muffin mix as per packet instructions. Spread caramel treat over an oreo cookie {Don’t eat it }. Place another cookie on top making a sandwich. Spread some more caramel on the top cookie. And place in a wrapper in the prepared tin. {You get 16 muffins using 2 packs of oreo cookies; and you will have some choc muffin mix left over for a few plain muffins} Once all the cookies are used, carefully spoon choc muffin mix over the caramel-cookie sandwich. Don’t fill too much, as long as the top is covered. The batter will gradually run down around the cookies enveloping them in chocolate goodness.

Bake at 180ºC for 20-25 mins or until a cake tester comes out clean and the top is springy.  Cool on wire rack and enjoy!

Here’s the only pic I took of mine. It was a hectic Friday at work, finally sat down for a cuppa and a muffin.

Oreo caramel cupcake

I found a pin for oreo cream cheese icing that your can pipe onto the muffin {turning it into a cupcake}.


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Free Printable – mini Bunting! {4 colour sets} — Pick-a-Pin Duo!

I’m in a bit of a bunting rut; as in I want to hang it EVERYWHERE! The kid’s rooms, the kitchen, the braai (Although handy hubby had to draw a line at decorating his man cave). So when it was time for our youngster’s Doop I wanted bunting on the cake. {This post also combines a bit of Pick a Pin Tuesday 😉 }

I have a few freebie buntings on a pin board, but they weren’t quite right. I wanted to make my own! I also wanted to make the maraschino cherry cake again.

Maraschino Cake

The TomKat Studio: {DIY Party Projects} Mini Cake Bunting Tutorial & Free Printable Alphabet Pages!

This was my result *smug*

Doop koek… Nailed it 😉

My hand was a little heavy with the rose pink powder, and I used glazed cherries instead. Not everyone is a maraschino fan. In my house it’s just Lili and I.

And now for the *Free* printables! Each set has 2 pdf files. The flags are diamond shape so you can fold them around string, ribbon or whatever you’re going to use to hang them from. Each colour set of diamonds has 5 columns of patterns.  Each set has the full alphabet in caps, numbers 0-9, a pattern set of hearts and a blank patterned diamond. (open up a file and the explanation wil make sense ).  Below are just thumbnails with links to a bigger image. Below that you’ll find the pdf downloads.

Set 1 Butter-cream, Pink

Set 2 Aqua, pink

Set 3 Cotton Candy, Aqua

Set 4 Orange Blossom, Candy

These files are all 300dpi. Print at full size 1:1.


Set 1 page 1 page 2

Set 2 page 1page 2

Set 3 page 1page 2

Set 4 page 1page 2

You can practically do what you like with these files, just please give credit where credit is due.

Pick a Pin Tuesday : DIY Chalkboard Art Display Tutorial

If only I blogged as much in real life as I do in my head. So to get me back on track I’m going to start with a personal little meme and Pinterest in going to help.. The whole idea of pinterest is to find inspiration, right? I mostly pin craft tutorials or DIY and the odd recipe, and I’ve actually tried a few of them – with pics of course; always thinking that I might eventually blog about it. Of course every meme needs a catchy name to roll with the cool kids. I settled for Pick a Pin Tuesday.

Here’s my first Pick a Pin!

Original pin:

Upcycle leftover floor boards to display kids art

Source: babyrabies.com via Tracy on Pinterest

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