Easy custom canvas art

We’ve always rented. Be it a flat or house, but it we have always been tenants, never owners. So I neer before drilled holes in walls to hang artwork or plates or other knickknacks. I tried to use whatever nails or screws were already in the walls let by previous tenants etc. Until November 2010. We found a property, drew up some plans and built a house. Now I get to drill holes. Now I also get to buy paintings or prints that I like with the aim to hang them where I would like them to be.

So we come to a blank wall in our en suite bathroom. The theme I aimed for is rustic afro french (is that even a style?). But some days it looks like the lost and found bin at water world with all the toys around the bath. Needless, I still have an idea of neutral colours with some filigree and a bit of a Victorian feel.

After visiting a friend who had transformed her old store-bought canvas art into stylish custom wall art, I decided to give it a go, al la Tracy.

Here’s what I used:

You will need

  • 3 x  A4 plain canvasses @ R30 from Le Mar craft shop.
  • Iron on transfers – I got mine from Waltons @ R130-ish for 10 A4 sheets
  • staple gun
  • Calico fabric
  • And some source pics. I bought my mermaids from Narry on etsy

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Easy knitted monster – mini Tutorial

I was sorting out some crap supplies in the garage and came across leftover wool from a bath mat I knitted yonks ago.  It’s a dark-brown’ish shade and I immediately thought of Domo-kun. Remember this little guy? I never watched the episodes, but saw his images on just about every message board and forum I lurked.

I am not a seamstress, nor an avid knitter, I just like to fiddle around a bit with different crafts and hobbies. I didn’t have a pattern and I didn’t want to make the same mouth. I googled for some more ideas and am in love with these. I didn’t want to stuff the legs, but wanted more of a shelf sitter monster. Lastly I simply love the simplicity of garter stitch (every row is kit – no purl in sight!). Doesn’t matter which side is front and it fills out nicely when stuffed.

Wish i'd thought of this earlier

{ Learn from my fail}   Only after I knitted the arms did I figure out to cast on the appendage sets simultaneously. No need to keep track of how many stitches or rows to duplicate.

You will need:

  • At most 1 ball of double knit yarn/wool/plarn
  • Nr 5 knitting needles and darning needle
  • White felt and matching thread
  • Assortment of buttons for face. (I used 2 big black and 4 small white)
  • Stuffing (like teddy bear stuffing or foam off cuts. Heck, you can even use old newspaper)

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Tried a Tutorial: Rock Candy

I found this great tutorial from Mom’s Crafty Space via pintrest. The colours looked so summery and fun, just had to try. Here’s my attempt at rock candy.

You can follow the step by step process from the tut, I’m just posting our pics.

Handy hubby cut the bamboo skewers down to size.

Sugar coating the soaked skewers

You really need to make sure the skewers are properly soaked, generously sugra coated and dry-dry-dry when placing in the syrup. { learn from my fail } I let the sugared skewers dry in a glass of wheat.

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