I signed up for a monthly Rubybox

I’m a sucker for freebies. Especially beauty and skin care goodies. I use the Clinique range and I’ve only ever bought the basic 3 steps: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. All the other pots and lotions and serums and eye shadow and blush and mascara and lipsticks, not to mention little toiletry bags and clutches – ALL freebies. Their products last so long that by the time I need to stock up, the next special offer is announced. (Although recently I started buying their night cream. Can’t deny my age for ever now).

But this post isn’t about Clinique. It’s about RubyBox. {I’m not too clued up with why Rubybox collaborated or took over what used to be known as Glambox. But I DO know that I am ECSTATIC that we have such a service in sunny South Africa.} I’ve never been the make-up girl. I leave that for special occasions. My job doesn’t demand a glitz and painted appearance, just show up and get the job done. But ever since I realized that I’m now definitely in my 30’s, I might as well have fun with it and look the part. I’ve been wearing make-up every day for two whole weeks 😀 I’m going off on a tangent, but I feel I need to share this background in order for you to understand why this Rubybox thing is so unusual of me. My friends will be surprised to know that I subscribe to Michelle Phan on YouTube. I love her make-up tutorials. She basically taught me everything I know. Right, so on this channel she had a GlamBag project running. For $10 a month you will receive a [glam] bag with sample size, and some full size, goodies in them. From blush sheets to luscious lip sticks. I was SO jealous. It was only open to USA citizens. I let it go and forgot about it until last month; she had announced a new distributer for the GlamBag. Again I felt that pang of jealousy at 311 million people. But in my mind a little flag went up. {If I had to compare it to a “book” I would say my inner goddess was sending out flag signals  *cringes*}. I remember seeing on facebook a few locals like a page: Rubybox. So I looked it up, read around. For R100 a month – wich includes shipping – I can get a monthly beauty goodie box!

So I signed up. Since I’m a grass widow for the next few months with <5yo for conversation most of the time, solo pajama drills with Roo the littlest monkey now teething, and I get to be on standby with call-outs tagging two little monkeys – ja, I deserve this monthly goody bag. *smirks*


Monthly Free Printable: Calendar Bookmark 2012 – October

October 2012

October 2012

I had these up for sale on etsy, but decided to rather share them for free. I’ve given them as Christmas gifts and they seem to be a hit!

I wanted to make bookmarks with  real African. flair, drawing inspiration from townships, villages, metropole, landscapes; places I’ve lived at, people I’ve met. And not a leopard pattern or safari theme in sight. So each month is different, some designs might reflect that month’s international or local theme: like Valentine’s Day or Women’s month.

Another bookmark with quiver trees, kokerboom in Afrikaans. Vanrhynsdorp has a quiver tree nursery with trees of all sizes. By South African law, picking of flowers or removing any plant material from our indigenous plants is an offence, but you may buy quiver trees from a registered nursery.

Every end of the month I’ll upload the following month’s bookmark calendar.

Click on the image for the full version, save and print.

Click here for previous months.