Pick a Pin Tuesday : Baby tab blanket

The first image has very thorough tutorial, and  the second one I pinned for the cute pic! This is how I wanted Roo’s tab blanky to look like.

Ribbon Tab Blanket

Original Pin : Ribbon Tab Blanket

Tab blanky on Etsy.com

Tab blanky on Etsy.com

I found the cutest flannel fabric at Naald-in-`n-Hooimied (our local haberdashery). The smiley flowers were just so goofy! I had some mulberry stretchy fabric left over from making my maternity tummy tubes – I still have to post about that (although it was almost a total waste of fabric buy cause I only made 1 tummy tube. The fabric kept on slipping under my sewing machine foot). And I’ve always collected pretty ribbons; I can’t help buying 3m-4m at a time.

I didn’t take any pics while making it – in hindsight I should have. Because I had pinned the ribbons wrong, and as I was about to turn the stitched fabric inside out… I realised the tabs won’t show on the outside. So I had to undo all my sewing, repin the ribbons and sew it all again. [I need to find out if my machine can take double needles cause I love top stitching! But parallel lines are my Achilles heel]

Roo's tab blanket!

Roo’s tab blanket!

(I have a weakness for polka dot ribbon)

Roo likes her tab blanky

Roo getting the feel of her tab blanky

Of course she doesn’t love the blanky  NEARLY as much as I do… or her sister does. I had to make 3 more – two as baby shower gifts and one for big sister Lili.

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Mosaic garter stitch for KAS

Mosaic garter stitch for KAS by TracyMaybe
I finished another square for KAS. This is mosaic garter stitch. Think I’ll try mosaic stitch some more; while researching it I found some super designs! Very Greek urn looking. Or even a labyrinth.
I made a few mistakes with this square, but by the time I figured it out I already completed the row or was close to completing it. Mostly it’s knitting two consecutive stitches in stead of slipping one, and then there’s the obvious plain garter ridge close to the top of the square. It’s the idea that counts though, right?
I think I’ll crochet the next few squares.

Pick a Pin Tuesday : DIY Chalkboard Art Display Tutorial

If only I blogged as much in real life as I do in my head. So to get me back on track I’m going to start with a personal little meme and Pinterest in going to help.. The whole idea of pinterest is to find inspiration, right? I mostly pin craft tutorials or DIY and the odd recipe, and I’ve actually tried a few of them – with pics of course; always thinking that I might eventually blog about it. Of course every meme needs a catchy name to roll with the cool kids. I settled for Pick a Pin Tuesday.

Here’s my first Pick a Pin!

Original pin:

Upcycle leftover floor boards to display kids art

Source: babyrabies.com via Tracy on Pinterest

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Time for a trim

I remove my Craft To-Do List page. I haven’t been updating it, and in all honesty, that page has been replaced by Pinterest; more accurately my board I can totally make that!

I wonder if there’s a way to imbed a pinterest board onto a wordpress page? I found the individual pins embedding code, but it isn’t dynamic; It doesn’t update automatically.

Just had a brain fart – I’ll turn the link to my ICTMT board into a custom menu option. That’s something wordpress coded for a few months years back.
Anyhoo, I have 3 weeks left of maternity leave and in all honesty, I’m looking forward to returning to work. Then I might actually get something done.

Monthly Free Printable: Calendar Bookmark 2012 – September!

September 2012

September 2012

I had these up for sale on etsy, but decided to rather share them for free. I’ve given them as Christmas gifts and they seem to be a hit!

I wanted to make bookmarks with  real African. flair, drawing inspiration from townships, villages, metropole, landscapes; places I’ve lived at, people I’ve met. And not a leopard pattern or safari theme in sight. So each month is different, some designs might reflect that month’s international or local theme: like Valentine’s Day or Women’s month.

September has a honeycomb shwe-shwe background. We have loads of bees this time of year; the Namaqualand flowers are in full bloom.

Every end of the month I’ll upload the following month’s bookmark calendar.

Click on the image for the full version, save and print.

Click here for previous months.