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I signed up for a monthly Rubybox

I’m a sucker for freebies. Especially beauty and skin care goodies. I use the Clinique range and I’ve only ever bought the basic 3 steps: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. All the other pots and lotions and serums and eye shadow and blush and mascara and lipsticks, not to mention little toiletry bags and clutches – ALL freebies. Their products last so long that by the time I need to stock up, the next special offer is announced. (Although recently I started buying their night cream. Can’t deny my age for ever now).

But this post isn’t about Clinique. It’s about RubyBox. {I’m not too clued up with why Rubybox collaborated or took over what used to be known as Glambox. But I DO know that I am ECSTATIC that we have such a service in sunny South Africa.} I’ve never been the make-up girl. I leave that for special occasions. My job doesn’t demand a glitz and painted appearance, just show up and get the job done. But ever since I realized that I’m now definitely in my 30’s, I might as well have fun with it and look the part. I’ve been wearing make-up every day for two whole weeks 😀 I’m going off on a tangent, but I feel I need to share this background in order for you to understand why this Rubybox thing is so unusual of me. My friends will be surprised to know that I subscribe to Michelle Phan on YouTube. I love her make-up tutorials. She basically taught me everything I know. Right, so on this channel she had a GlamBag project running. For $10 a month you will receive a [glam] bag with sample size, and some full size, goodies in them. From blush sheets to luscious lip sticks. I was SO jealous. It was only open to USA citizens. I let it go and forgot about it until last month; she had announced a new distributer for the GlamBag. Again I felt that pang of jealousy at 311 million people. But in my mind a little flag went up. {If I had to compare it to a “book” I would say my inner goddess was sending out flag signals  *cringes*}. I remember seeing on facebook a few locals like a page: Rubybox. So I looked it up, read around. For R100 a month – wich includes shipping – I can get a monthly beauty goodie box!

So I signed up. Since I’m a grass widow for the next few months with <5yo for conversation most of the time, solo pajama drills with Roo the littlest monkey now teething, and I get to be on standby with call-outs tagging two little monkeys – ja, I deserve this monthly goody bag. *smirks*


2 thoughts on “I signed up for a monthly Rubybox

  1. I’m sure you’ll love it! I have been a birchbox subscriber for nearly two years and I am about to get my second GlamBag in the mail this month (I am a sucker for things like this!). So far, I totally love both. It’s so fun getting a surprise box of beauty goodies to try each month. Let us know what you get!

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