Sally Hansen Lustre Shine – on sale!


Rubybox had a free delivery day in March. So I picked up some sale Sally Hansen Lustre Shine items.

Sally Hansen - Lustre Shine - FireflySally Hansen - Lustre Shine - Plume

On the left we have Firefly, on the right is Plume . Note this is with 2 coats already. I had to put on 4 coats to make it completely opaque. They both have the same kind of bronzy base colour, but the one more red and the other more blue. Be warned: the Firefly polish stained my nails. Even though I used a base coat.

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A cup of thanks – Card

It’s School holidays… or at least it was. School starts again tomorrow. Lili is still visiting on the farm; she’s only returning around Tuesday’ish.

Point is, this has left my evenings relatively monkey free – Roo hits the sack early and stays down till midnight. So I had a few spare hours to actually fit in some decent craft time. Albeit Netflix being a constant companion too – I have 3 seasons of Grey’s to catch up on. Still don’t know why I stopped watching in the first place!

Remember a previous post about my stamp haul of Paper Smooches stamps? I checked out their SPARKS Challenges blog. They have a weekly challenge! So this post is especially for that – since the theme is: Anything Goes, as long as you use at least 1 of their products in the project.


The cup stamp, saucer/plate, teabag-tag and sentiment are all from their Cyber Cafe stamp set. The brown front is regular brown paper from a roll, ironed flat. The blue chevron background and all the other papers used are from  echo park’s  Everyday eclectic 6×6 paper pad. The card base I have no clue. In the shop I thought it was regular white… later at home I saw it was all shiny and wedding invite looking. They were laying in a stack in a cubby-hole display.

I love how it turned out! (in Afrikaans we have a saying that directly translates to: The fox praises his own tail) It looks completely different to any I’ve made so far…like… EVER. Hope you like it too.


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My easy DIY storage for craft papers

All those craft rooms on Pinterest make me realise that I seriously need to start organizing my junk. I can call it Junk, cause it’s mine, you get to call it stuff, or crafting paraphernalia.

First off I needed to sort out my paper stash. They were all over the place: in paper bags, plastic packaging bags, in the book shelf, on the stack of drawers. Everywhere. So I saw this beauty on scrap-a-doodles.

It’s so pretty. All clear and neat…and expensive! at R695 for 10 trays, that’s almost R70 a tray. I’m saving up for a melting pot – there’s no way I’m forking out that much cash for a plastic tower to HOLD PAPER. There has to be an alternative.

Say helloo to the Large Pizza Box. 12 x 12 inch paper fits inside perfectly. I got a pack of 20 boxes from a local packaging company – Some assembly needed. Not sure of exact price, because I got a pack of 50 plastic sleeves with adhesive for my cards as well. All and all  for R100.

2014-03-30 10.47.42


It might not be clear, but at least it is neater.

Stamps – Mini Haul!

Sometimes I feel that I’ve just got waaaay too many hobbies. And then sometimes not enough.

I’ve really gotten into card making lately – I’ll share a few of my cards in a later post. First I *HAVE* to share my latest stamping haul! The reason why it’s so awesome? It’s cause it’s stamps by Paper Smooches. I’ve been marathon’ing through a crap load of card tutorials and mixed medium tutorials and stamping in all its shapes and forms tutorials; so a few trade names have stuck in my noggin. Then I got a newsletter from Scrap-a-Doodles that they have Paper Smooches cling stamps in stock. I squeeed like a fangirl!

PS Haul


From left to right, I got: Sentiment sampler,  alphadot, and cyber café .

Some of the stamps look a bit bold; blame my ink. Silly Tracy tested the stamps with Archival ink instead of pigment or dye or whatever – anything else except archival! Point is now some of my stamps look bolder even though they are thoroughly babywiped/clean.

I’m stoked for the alphadot set. My handwriting is atrocious. Also finding Afrikaans sentiments in a font I like is a herculean task. Of course I had to get the coffee themes stamp. There’s even a mini macaroon (bonus!!) and a plate to stack them on. Can you see the pastel shaded cookies already. And of course there’s a coffee stain. The sentiments stamp set was practically a no-brainer. I needed some sentiments, and this set just about covers everything.

Can’t wait to start making some cards with these!

Kicking this nickel allergy ina clam

I *love* costume jewellery.  They are so fun, and colourful, and cheap. Want to try the hottest new trend this season? Mr Price, Legit etc will have couture mass produced knockoffs and rock bottom prices that you won’t feel guilty abiut onlu wearing once. Maybe twice.

And because I try new hobbies every other week, I dabble in some jewellery making too. Now while the factory shops may have some nickel free items, I haven’t been able to source any (at a reasonable price anyway).
Loads of people have nickel allergies – myself included. (I think it’s acquired though. And each subsequent exposure cause a bigger reaction. #thumbsuck)
This means my clients also have these allergies and can’t enjoy my totally fab earrings.

This lead me to an experiment. How to beat the nickle!  A brain fart haf me trying to mask the nickle with clear nail varnish. 

And I’m happy to say that so far, my ears haven’t itched yet. And they’ve endured their fair share of nickel this week too. Constantly swapping the earrings to different piercing holes to alleviate the discomfort. Why just NOT wear earrings? Psh. Thats not the point.


Pick a Pin Tuesday : Play Makeup for Kids!

I pinned this one AGES ago.

Fauz Makeup for Kiddos

Fauz Makeup for Kiddos

Glad I did too. I had this idea in the back of my mind for a few months/years. (Garsh, definitely years). But I’m not a ‘makeup kind of gal. So I didn’t know how long it will actually take for me to use up a pallet of eye shadow. Thank goodness I’m a sucker for sales. I got some pallets on a whim… and normally the colours would suit me. But applied? It looked horrible. Think clown the morning after going cowboy. So I stashed it in my “maybe I’ll use it in the future” bag cause I’m a secret hoarder and can’t bring myself to throw anything away. Just in case I MIGHT need it. For something I saw on Pinterest. A few years ago.

Faux  makeup 1

Also Roo got hold of the pallet and gauged her itty bitty fingers through the powder cake thingies. Faux  makeup 2

Being the brawn half of The Demolition Sisters Duo, she managed to find the hidden compartment underneath the shadows. I’ve had this pallet for …what 4 years? And I always moaned about (except for the colours which look awesome in the box but sucked once applied) it’s lack of applicator. Behold le Secret compartment!

Faux  makeup 3

It even has a little mirror. Never the less, I was committed to upcycling this thing and by Prince George I was going to. So I followed the idiot proof instructions and dug out all the lovely pigment. Then poured in some nail varnish that is older than the eye-shadow that had started to thicken. (I prefer the term frugal to cheapskate)

Faux  makeup 4Faux  makeup 5

I wish these were real eye shadows. The kids love them too!

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