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Kicking this nickel allergy ina clam

I *love* costume jewellery.  They are so fun, and colourful, and cheap. Want to try the hottest new trend this season? Mr Price, Legit etc will have couture mass produced knockoffs and rock bottom prices that you won’t feel guilty abiut onlu wearing once. Maybe twice.

And because I try new hobbies every other week, I dabble in some jewellery making too. Now while the factory shops may have some nickel free items, I haven’t been able to source any (at a reasonable price anyway).
Loads of people have nickel allergies – myself included. (I think it’s acquired though. And each subsequent exposure cause a bigger reaction. #thumbsuck)
This means my clients also have these allergies and can’t enjoy my totally fab earrings.

This lead me to an experiment. How to beat the nickle!  A brain fart haf me trying to mask the nickle with clear nail varnish. 

And I’m happy to say that so far, my ears haven’t itched yet. And they’ve endured their fair share of nickel this week too. Constantly swapping the earrings to different piercing holes to alleviate the discomfort. Why just NOT wear earrings? Psh. Thats not the point.



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