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Washi Tape Bangle! So easy, so fun, so darn quick

End of the year always comes as a surprise. You’re still getting over the cold and rain and nest thing you know it’s December, the Christmas Tree has fallen over 3 times and you still need to wrap everyone’s presents. I had a few plans for today. But my printer decided to NOT work. I’m going to take a wild guess that it’s an ink problem. So scratch printing and assembling an Angel tree topper today.

In stead I give you this pic to tell the story:

WashiTapeBangle_LiliLots going on up there.

Firstly, my washi tape stash is coming along nicely! As part of my Christmas presents (To Me, From Me) I hit WashiTape.co.za with my creadit card. Had to cull about 50 items from my basket, but love the ones I got ❤

You know those big rolls of packaging tape? The brown ones? That some people use to reinforce a box with too and you end up attacking the parcel with a scalpel? We managed to empty a roll of the stuff at work. I plonked it into my carry all tote; it looked like the perfect size for a Bangle for Lili. Which she got today. Decorated it with my washi tape stash – She should be so lucky. In hindsight I should probably finish off the inside with a bit of paper to smooth down the sticky ends of tape.

What is not so obvious in the pic is my new light-box. Made from scratch. Recycled an empty stock box, some paper destined for the shredder and sellotape. I’m referring to the close up pics of the bangle; they were taken in the box. In full sunlight. (Think it’s supposed to hit 38C today again?) I think the paper I used is too think though. Maybe I should try wax paper? I need to fiddle with it some more. Because it doesn’t matter how cutesy your items are that you make, it’s all about the presentation. IRL it’s your table set-up at the market; online it’s about how good a photographer you are as well.

I really should enroll in some online classes. Any suggestions?


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