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New toys for getting crafty

Whew what a week. I felt like a real jetsetter. Managed to get jet lag without crossing time zones. Took me all weekend to recuperate.


In better news, I got an awesome birthday prezzie. Handy Hubby got me a Cuttlebug. Yes, I chose it, I sourced it, and I bought it, Gave him the receipt so he could pay for it. He just had to wrap it. (And even THAT he only did this past Monday) Yes, those are my monkeys on the dining table helping me unwrap.

Regardless! Lili and I have been playing around with it all week.


I am a novice when it comes to embossing and die cutting machines. I’ve watched so many tutorials on Youtube, Google might finally profile me as female ( last time I checked, Google analytics thought I was male).

I seriously need a storage system for my dies and embossing folders. I only have a handful so far and they’ve already taken over my dining table.

nesting dies

The nesting frame that can cut and emboss is so far my favourite and most versatile buy. Using a frame 2 sizes shy of the largest and pairing it with a template I made from THIS freebie printable, I made some cute packaging for my earrings: all tied neatly with some baker’s twine. The cardstock is all recycled from previous projects that I never got round to finishing. I had bought some printables on etsy and was planning on making paper bunting for the girls’ room; only strung some up for the kitchen. I’m very glad that I have a proper use for the other print outs now.

new goodies  Mock up for packaging Packaging


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