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Got some ink done

Who doesn’t love tattoos ❤

I got one when I was 18 and travelling. Always wanted more. I love looking at people’s ink. Sleeves make me giddy. But I never got them. It was too much of a commitment.

Then we had our lovely girlies. I decided that NOW was the time to get more ink. I had a plan, a font and two names. Then I started seeing the font everywhere. On labels, advertising, online; It was EvErYwHeRe! Scriptina was ruined for me *boohoo*.

Ah, but Pinterest never fails. It’s a cornucopia of inspiration! Suddenly I had a design, enough cash and a booking. 2 Sparrow like birds with swirly detail inside on and around the inside of my left wrist below my watch strap. Each bird represented one of my girls. *Aaaaaw*

I was a bit nervous; not that it will hurt though – of course it will hurt. I was more nervous about the whole experience than the actual pain – 2 c-sections, ears and bellybutton piercings,  and a few broken bones; I can handle pain. No, I was nervous about the people. This isn’t my type of crowd. These people are all so different: will they judge me; will they think my idea lame and laugh about it at tea time; do they even take tea time? And these are strangers! I get stage fright jitters when the teller at Spar talks to me, how will my body react to a tattood-pierced-freerange-bodymodded craftsman wielding a needle on a coil.  So I had a little chat with myself. The only way to get through it, is to actually go through with it: Also take a peace offering. I presented the lady at reception with my first ever batch of fudge. It was a total pinstrosity. It hadn’t set, it was cavity inducingly sweet, and a muddy brown colour with green peppermint crisp chunks; transported 4 hours in a bakkie in a ziplock bag. It looked like poop with green bits in a baggie.
They loved it.

The meeting with the artist went a bit wobbly though First thing he said was what what I wanted cannot be done (more accurately, he won’t do it because it goes against their policy of responsible and informed tattooing). I had to change my idea. Because the amount of detail I wanted will blur over time. As an investment it was a bad choice. He suggested bigger. I argued that there wasn’t enough space on one arm for it. We settled on both arms.  I was grateful for the slab of Midnight Velvet dark choc in my bag. Only wish I had brought along some cola too.

Enough talk, lookit the pics!

right arm first

right arm first

janee, it hurt

janee, it hurt

mirror images

mirror images

can't stop looking at them

can’t stop looking at them

love my birdies! <3

love my birdies! ❤

















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