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Pick a Pin Tuesday : DIY Chalkboard Art Display Tutorial

If only I blogged as much in real life as I do in my head. So to get me back on track I’m going to start with a personal little meme and Pinterest in going to help.. The whole idea of pinterest is to find inspiration, right? I mostly pin craft tutorials or DIY and the odd recipe, and I’ve actually tried a few of them – with pics of course; always thinking that I might eventually blog about it. Of course every meme needs a catchy name to roll with the cool kids. I settled for Pick a Pin Tuesday.

Here’s my first Pick a Pin!

Original pin:

Upcycle leftover floor boards to display kids art

Source: babyrabies.com via Tracy on Pinterest

I had this lying, around gathering dust.

The post said to upcycle some wood for the project. I had bought two  supawood canvas type boxes to paint and hang in the livingroom. They have literally been unused for years. YEARS.

So I grabbed one out of the garage (never know whan I might need the other one for another awesome project).

I painted two base coats with white craft paint. I didn’t want to spend too much on the clamps. Also we don’t have gorilla glue, just regular white wood glue and lot of clothespins! With a disposable sponge roller did about 3-4 thin coats of blackboard paint. (I love these rollers from Build It. And I don’t  ruin my hands with paint thinners). The pegs got a few coats of teal. This was going up near the kitchen, which is red and I’m trying to bring in a second colour. Almost done, just glue on the pegs (I let the glue dry overnight) and drill some holes to hang this display. Finally I used liquid chalk markers from Penguin.

Final thoughts: I cannot write neatly, just be thankful it’s legible – ask any of my teachers and lecturers. And that cat almost photobombing is Tinroof. She’s as awesome as her name.

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