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Get Connected

Oh Bliss, we finally have a dedicated internet connection at home! 😀

It’s a cute little satellite dish bolted to the roof facing the mountain. And a cable as thick as my once-broken little finger plugs into my PC. But this is just the beginning. I want WiFi in our home.

Why not go the ADSL route? Because I don’t want to deal with Telkom at all. I’m probably still on their black list. All due to a misunderstanding between myself and the technician who answered my phone call. I asked him three times if our account is setup as a single call rate with unlimited time – he assured me ‘yes’ three times. Our conversation was recorded and following up my billing query a month later I could quote date ad time of our conversation. But no, *I* get punished for ringing up an enormous bill – which I refused to pay for. Bottom line, Telkom and I aren’t friends, so no ADSL line for us.

So eager beaver that I am I buy a router with a decent range. But with a house-trained banshee three year old (Terrible Two’s are nothing compared to the Torturous Three’s), and a 10 week bundle of sleep-drink-poop-sleep I didn’t get round to setting it up.

I should have known better than to let my husband touch it. Warning bells sounded when he actually opened the manual – albeit a both-sides-printed flyer, a manual none the less. He struggled. Oh how he struggled. He struggled so hard when he gave up and plugged the original finger thick cable back into my PC we didn’t have *any* connection. At all. Nada.

And so we slept. Or he did. I had pajama drill at 1am. Not that I was sleeping in the first place. I managed to get a copy of 50 Shades of Grey and was busy face-palming every other page for the first 4 chapters as I wanted to choke the main character for having no backbone nor self esteem and to stop Adonissing (my own word) this silly, controlling man Mr Grey. (which I later learned was quite ironic) – It echoed way WAY too much Twilight, and I’ve outgrown my sparkly pyre obsession a few years ago.

After sufficient caffeine consumption, with banshee Lili off to school and Roo in a milk induced stupor, I tackled our connectivity issues. Forgoing the manual leaflet I inspected the spaghetti behind my PC tower.  Mr Handy had the cables in the wrong slots in the router. *le sigh* If only that were the only problem. Fiddle fiddle fiddle some more I have our original direct connection working – huzzah! But for the life of me I can’t figure out why the Router won’t accept my settings. I consult the leaflet; the electronic manual; eventually phoning Digital Alliance (where I bought it). Some other oke answers, not the same guy who sold it to me. Apparently this router isn’t compatible with our ISP – his words, maybe paraphrased a little. They are getting new stock in tomorrow, so I can come exchange it for the correct router that he *guarantees* will work.

Something to look forward to 🙂 So ja, as far as getting connected goes… we’re getting there.


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