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Space saver – Easy blackboard on a door!

Something I’ve never gotten around to getting Lili is a blackboard – easel or otherwise. I like the portable ones, but that will lead to it being deployed  directly in my 2am kitchen path. I swear enough as it is, I don’t need more encouragement to add to my daughter’s vocabulary.

This same vocab that  I didn’t use when our contractor didn’t buy the 4-6 panel room doors that I had in my home-ideas-scrap-book; instead he got 2 panel doors. Which I’m grateful for now. I can paint the two panel’s of Lili’s room with blackboard/school board paint! I’ve had the tin for months just waiting for a project or two.

The *two* paneled door

I used an ice-cream tub lid for a shallow paint tray.

4-5 thin coats. Remember this is an oil based paint, it starts out blotchy on another oil based paint as a surface.

In hindsight I should have probably sanded the panels before I started painting them. The doors are painted with an oil base, so the school board paint goes on all smudgy. But I beat that sucker by applying coat after coat after coat – eventually got an even cover.

The tin says to let the paint dry overnight. I did this projects while Lili was at school; she understood not to touch it, that it had to dry a whole night while she slept. But the next morning first thing after opening her eyes she was asking for chalk to draw.

Cure the paint by lightly making broad chalk strokes over the surface then wipe it out. Then it’s ready for any critter!


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4 thoughts on “Space saver – Easy blackboard on a door!

  1. Awesome. We did a chalkboard paint project for the first time for my daughter’s wedding. You definitely have to sand the smoother surfaces in order to get a good coat but I like the way you resolved that issue. It looks great and I know daughter will enjoy it for quite a while. Thanks so much for sharing.

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