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I got mail

I love receiving packages in the mail.
I get my monthly subscription of Baked and Delicious and whatever I ordered from Kalahari or Take a Lot. But every now and then my mom will send a package. And I still giggle like a high school girl when I carry the brown paper package to my car; yes, it’s even tied up with string.

My mom has been sending care boxes to me since I moved out. Even while travelling abroad she used to mail me rooibos and biltong 😉 Technicon days the parcels were bigger and filled with rusks, a variety of candy my dad found in Chinese shops, and the odd garment I forgot at my last visit.

The packages didn’t stop when I started working and married. We still get rusks, but Mr Handy got some goodies too…if remembered to share though. Today another parcel from Mom greeted me at the post office. No edible goodies, but still special. Some scarves for our char (she wears head scarves), wooden and string beads for Lili to thread and be all crafty with, and 2 mozaic hearts that she made for her two grandchildren.


I think it’s time I put together a surprise care package for her.


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