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Not quite the stone I had in mind

So much to do! I had a few projects planned, or at least some organising to do. That was cut short by a medical emergency…of sorts.

Handy hubby had been complaining from bouts of stomach pain. Only occurs after midnight, and is excruciating. But there was no other pattern for its frequency. We ate the same food, and only he was affected. Eventually he made a doctor’s appointment. Turns out he had a big old 12mm gall stone which needed to be removed ASAP. Heck, not just the stone, the whole gallbladder. In other words, a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

This meant a trip to the city for a few days. I discovered this little gem of a bead shop (all puns intended). I picked up a whole bag of beauty-beady-loot. Strung beads and fill-a-bag was very reasonably priced, but the findings were expensive. Our little town might not have the range available, but at least it’s affordable; even considering that we’re 3 hour’s drive from wholesale suppliers (4 hours if I’m driving).

The Color Book of Beaded JewelryBead and Button, Ribbon and Felt JewelleryAlso snagged two beading books for inspiration.

I like the first one for the colour coding. All my beads are sorted into rainbow shades. There are some nice projects in there; but I was more interested in the different clasps, caps and just the array of joining methods.  (But more of a motivator to get these was that I remeber paging through books on my grandmother’s bookshelves. There were all different types of crafting and DIY books for me to ogle. I want to instill the same exploratory atmosphere in my own home. I use online tutorials a lot, but sometimes one needs a good reference books – even if just to look at the pretty pictures.)

The second beading book I got because it was more like my beading technique. I haven’t tried beaded  weaving, I’m not much of a wirework fan. But I do like using a variety of materials. I’ve been using ribbon in beading ever since the lady at the craft shop showed me wich finding to use to pinch the end and connect it to a jump ring.

So it was a fruitful trip. I mostly use acrylic beads; the idea of using semi precious stones just makes dollar signs light up in my eyes..and not in a good way; think I’m much too frugal and rather stick to acrylic, bone and glass beads. Although I did get to keep Handy hubby’s gall stone. I just won’t be turning it into any jewelery.


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