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Lookie!! I’m Stamping!

imageThe last time I stamped it was with a rubber stamp, probably a rose or a fairy or a tag frame, and I was trying to get the perfect angle on my rainbow ink pad.

But stamping sure has changed. I had to look up some YouTube tuts on how these clear stamps work. Then I sat my pregnant butt down in the isle of clear stamps in a PNA store in some Cape Town mall and went through every single one of their stamp sets looking for the perfect chrysanthemum… which I never found. Although a few customers took me for an employee and were quite aloof and almost cold when they asked me about a particular product. And quickly showed all smiles and understanding when I explained that I’m excersizing my right to self-service in a store clearing lacking.

Eventually I found a nice floral symetric type stamp and some orange ink. Course had to get a block too. I’m trying to make cheap no frills, nice cards to hang my earings from. I used some paper upcycled from what was leftover from Princess Lili’s 3rd birthday party. This looks like the start of a beautiful new hobby 😉



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