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It’s about time.

I’m nervous. Really nervous. I haven’t touched flat nose pliers, jump rings or faceted beads in over a year. I was stuck in a non-creative rut. At first not wanting to come out. Thinking that it doesn’t matter, me enjoying this hobby doesn’t make a difference. I didn’t even want to try to get out of that slump. Then after a while I was too afraid to try. Making excuses about my tools being packed away and just having no time to unpack them… Not making time. I avoided all the craft shops, blogs, magazines, shows. Didn’t want to be reminded that I could be creating something special for a friend – no matter how flawed – something custom for my daughter, something pretty just for me.

It’s taken a while for this apathy to thaw out, and it’s going slow. But today, right now, after posting this, I’ll be making a few earring sets.

It’s about time.



One thought on “It’s about time.

  1. Good for you Tracy!!! I should mayhap take a leaf out of your book and unpack my own tools….lovely page btw 🙂 I’ll be keeping up with your goings on 😉

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