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Tried a Tutorial: Rock Candy

I found this great tutorial from Mom’s Crafty Space via pintrest. The colours looked so summery and fun, just had to try. Here’s my attempt at rock candy.

You can follow the step by step process from the tut, I’m just posting our pics.

Handy hubby cut the bamboo skewers down to size.

Sugar coating the soaked skewers

You really need to make sure the skewers are properly soaked, generously sugra coated and dry-dry-dry when placing in the syrup. { learn from my fail } I let the sugared skewers dry in a glass of wheat.

Making the syrup

I used a 3:1 ratio of white sugar to water. I did this two weeks ago, so can’t really remember how much sugar i used… around 4 cups?

Colour and flavour

I found some edible fairy dust still left over from Big sis’ last party. I added some flavouring to the colours too. Green almond, pink rosewater, glitter pink, plain vanilla, plain caramel…and decaff coffee. {had to be decaff cause #2 is on the way}

…we wait…

I put the glasses in the spare room where they can get some sun – After handy hubby roofed the outdoor braai, the kitchen has lost a lot of direct light, but at least it’s a lot cooler in there now as well.

It’s science!

I grabbed my old Biochemistry textbook and even hit the wiki, but this preggy brain is too full of fluff to understand exactly why the crystals have these cuboidal shapes. I just know it pretty, and so cool!

Ready to eat

You’ll notice some colours missing… that’s what I meant by making sure there is a generous amount of sugar coating on the skewers. But all that syrup isn’t wasted, i have some new ones baking all sciency.


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