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Welcome to Tracy’s Topics!

I had the whole launch planned. Not down to the tiniest detail, but the broad feel of it, you know? I had an idea what I wanted the banner to be, and maybe a striking, yet simplistic, background. Deciding to approach the new Tracy’s Topics blog from a whole new angle, or build on the old version, but refining the posts and flow of it. Definitely dropping the 101 in 1001 challenge. A 2.8 year commitment to a list deserves more thought than copy/paste from other people’s lists and maybe 10 that are slightly more personal. Nothing wrong with setting goals, the 101 list just wasn’t for me. So I’m dropping that ball. I’m still crafting, and stuffing up tutorials from well meaning tutorial writers. I’m still trying out new recipes and learning life skills with my toddler. (Number 2 is on the way so help me).

…and it’s been about a month now. I just can’t seem to get around to actually sit down and have a productive two hours and just WORK on it. And this frustrated me up the walls and back down. I would have an inspired moment, and nowhere to blog it down! I was shaking my fist at every distraction and time robber that crossed my path. I would let out a little *sob* and promise myself that as soon as it’s up and running, I’ll get around to posting that idea, or tut or recipe or rant.

And today, while planning my week and trying to fit my blog re-opening into this week’s evenings, I just stopped. I realized that if I can’t even get the welcome post ready and adhering to my expectations, how will I ever post any other entry. This is who I am. Rough around the edges, not nearly polished enough, dabbing off perspiration, definitely not punctual, and always scouting for a place to sit my tush down if it looks like a 5 minute wait.

So here it is: Welcome to the new Tracy’s Topics blog!

New entry: soon… hopefully earlier.


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